Custom brand design by Abby Powell Designs for Sewn With Love By Molly

Peek Into My Brand Design Process: Custom Branding For Sewn With Love By Molly

I am so excited to be sharing this branding project for Sewn With Love By Molly as well as share a little peek into my brand design process! This special project was a very unique one with my friend, Johnny. He and I have worked together for a while and he came up with the best idea for his wife’s Christmas present this year.

I feel so honored to be able to play a tiny role in making this special surprise brand design come to life for Johnny and Molly! I think it turned out so fun and can’t wait to watch Molly grow with her brand as she continues to expand her offerings. Make sure to check her out here!

Peek into my brand design process with this custom bradning project -Abby Powell Designs.

Here is my brand design process that I take all of my clients through:

1. Establish a customer profile.

This is the part of the brand design process where we dig into WHO the business is. We also identify and analyze the ideal customer. We want to marry the business with who their customers are looking for!

We talked through where Molly was now and where they could see her going and we really wanted this branding to be able to grow with her!

2. Research the competition.

It is important to know who else is out there and educating yourself is held at a high value here.

Since Molly currently sells her handmade items on Etsy, we started there looking at other people doing similar things. We also talked through who her ideal customers would be and what look/feel they would be attracted to.

Something that was very important to us was that we create something that would fit Molly’s personality and also not blend in with the saturated market on Etsy. 

Custom brand design by Abby Powell Designs for Sewn With Love By Molly
Custom branding for Sewn With Love By Molly by Abby Powell
Brand design proposal from Abby Powell Designs custom branding

3. Design concepts that will represent the client well and attract their ideal clients.

It was very important to us that this branding really feel like it complimented Molly’s personality so we decided to try for a color palette that included soft, but warm colors. She also loves a deep green color so we decided that we wanted that to be a staple as well.

I always start by putting together colors and creating a story in my head and workspace for how this will look and play put in action. I look at inspo and sketch ideas until I come up with at least 2 directions that feel promising. 

At this point in the brand design process, I put a proposal together for the client with the black and white versions, colored versions, and mockups so they can see a very clear picture of each concept. 

I also explain the significance of any special elements or why I think the concepts work for what we are looking for. 

4. Review design proposals.

I sent over a proposal with 3 options and got great feedback. As most concepts go, we refined a few things and combined elements from 2 of the options to create the 4th concept. 

After great deliberation (there were 2 top favs), we finally had a winner!

5. Compile full package including all brand elements, branding guide, and font pairings.

One of the last steps in my brand design process is to fully package up the deliverables.

The deliverables for this project were

  • Main logo files in all brand colors
  • Secondary logo files in all brand colors
  • Special element file in all brand colors (needle)
  • Brand Identity Guide
  • Social Media files
  • Mockup of a card design for Christmas Presentation

This is one my my favorite branding projects so far! I love the color palette and the fun script font. It has a lot of room for variability and versatile uses that can span across many platforms as well as mediums. 

I hope you have enjoyed a peek into my brand design process! I have this in detail for potential customers here if you want to see it here

Are you looking for a rebrand or someone to help you create the perfect brand identity to attract your ideal clients? I would love to help!

Custom brand design for Sewn With Love By Molly from brand designer Abby Powell.


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