Wedding planner Showit website template roundup of the best options!

Most Elegant Showit Website Templates For Wedding Planners

This is a template round-up of my TOP FAVORITE Showit website templates for wedding planners. If you are a service provider in the wedding industry and looking to take your website experience to the next level, these are the top elegant Showit website templates that might be a great fit! Whether you are a wedding photographer, wedding planner or event coordinator, wedding venue, or stationery designer, there is something here for you!


Alice Showit Website Template

By Em Shop | View Website Here

This Alice template is special and has a really bold hero section with a very elegant design. It uses a soft and sophisticated color palette that is perfect for the wedding industry with elegant, high-end font selections. This template comes with additional pages that some other templates do not include like a press page and a shop page.

Clover Cove-Showit-Templates-For-Wedding-Event-Planners

Clover Club Showit Website Template

By Tonic Site Shop | View Website Here

This Showit template is a great match for wedding industry pros because it is elevated and uses photos well to showcase your work. It uses an elegant array of typography and a lot of white space to make the information easy to digest and the photos really pop. This template has a fun and sophisticated blog that makes the content really stand out.


Martini Showit Website Template

By Tonic Site Shop | View Website Here

This Showit template is a beautiful design showcasing a high-contrast color palette great for high-art and editorial brands looking for a website that packs a punch. Wedding planners and industry professionals will love this template for its layouts as well as its modern and clean design. It allows for images and services to be at the forefront of your website, really captivating your views and potential clients.


Audrina Showit Website Template

By Created With Danielle | View Website Here

The Audrina template is such a beautiful website template design with incredible versatility. It utilized a soft color palette and fun typography. In addition to that, it also displays images well, which is great for wedding professionals and event planners. The use of different shapes for images is unique to this template, giving it a very fun and bubbly personality. 


The Heirloom Showit Website Template

By Ribbon and Ink | View Website Here

The Heirloom template is a stunning go-to site for event planners and wedding stationery designers. This template combines modern and traditional designs well and includes a shop page as well as a very simple, easy-to-digest blog design.


Willow Showit Website Template

By Saffron Avenue | View Website Here

If you are a bold brand seeking a website that has high contrast and stands out, this template is PERFECT for you! The Willow Showit template has a very editorial design and includes a significant amount of page designs. This template has it all, including a shop page, FAQ page, press page, and more! If you sell a handful of products in addition to the services you offer and want to showcase all of those on your website, this is a great template for those needs!


Dahlia Showit Website Template

By Alex Collier Design | View Website Here

The Dalia template is a stunning example of an elegant, modern, website design perfect for wedding planners and coordinators. The bold hero section on the home page really draws a view into the site and the graceful use of white space and pastel colors is a great compliment to the design. If you are in need of a website that will showcase your services and expertise but not be too complicated or overwhelming, this template is one to consider! 

Why is Showit great for wedding event planners?

As an event planner or wedding industry professional, your clients are coming to you to help them streamline and organize an event or wedding. By using Showit as your website platform to host your site, you have a leg up on any wedding planner whose site is on another platform for a few reasons:

  • Totally code-free! No need to dig through letters and numbers that don’t make any sense to you just to change out a photo or link.
  • Your site is completely customizable! You have total creative control over your website. This allows you to create an elevated and unique user experience that is sure to wow your potential clients!
  • Desktop and mobile are designed separately so you are able to ensure that the mobile version of your website is just as beautiful and user-friendly as your desktop version.
  • Create pages for onboarding clients, current clients, feedback, landing pages to generate leads, and so much more! The possibilities are endless!
  • Showit and the Showit website templates listed above are designed to help you as an event planner grow and scale your business. As your business grows, your website can grow with you.

Want to learn more about how to get your Showit website up and running? I would love to help you! There are so many options for customizing your website template to fit your business needs. Your potential clients will love the experience of being able to see your business displayed in a way that allows them to understand who you are and how you can help them quickly and easily! 

If you are needing help with a website that sets you ahead of your competition, let’s connect!


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