Font pairings for modern, bold, feminine, elegant, and playful by Abby Powell.

5 Stunning Font Pairings That Are Perfect For Your Business Branding

Beautiful font pairings can truly bring together a whole project, brand, or website! I love looking at fun fonts and pairing them in new (to me) duos. So I’m excited to be sharing my 5 favorite pairings today! There are many ways to use these fonts but these are just some of my favorites right now. It changes all of the time, of course!

Choosing fonts, especially multiples to go together is something so many people get wrong.  This can be a challenge for a lot of people, even designers. I see designers pair fonts poorly all the time. It changes the aesthetic and the appeal of whatever you’re viewing drastically. If your fonts compete with each other or are the wrong tone, it can make your whole website, brochure, magazine or even your branding just feel off.

This can be distracting to potential clients especially on their first impression of you or your work. They won’t want to book you and may not trust you or refer you to anyone else. They won’t be interested in your work because they were turned off visually by your presentation.

I know that sounds like a lot of pressure, but…

giphy new girl

You don’t have to be a designer to get this right.

But you do have to understand some basics of typography and fonts to be able to pair them well.

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Now onto my favorite fun pairings.

What makes a great font duo?

The 2 fonts in the pair both have a role to play. One usually is the main headline choice and the other supports it. The font that plays the supporting role needs to be clean and easy to read. After all, that is the whole role of written words. Any copy in this font choice will be supporting texts and probably not the main headline. 

The bold, stand-out font will really set the tone for what you’re doing. If you want something elegant and classy you might go with something totally different than rustic or modern.

Elegant Font Pairing

Elegant font pairings by Abby Powell Designs featuring Holland font and Baskerville font.

Modern Font Pairing

Modern font pairings by Abby Powell Designs featuring Lora font and Proxima Nova font.

Playful Font Pairing

Playful font pairings by Abby Powell Designs featuring Bangers font and Gotham font.

Bold Font Pairing

Bold font pairings by Abby Powell Designs featuring Futura font and Garamond font.

Feminie Font Pairing

Feminie font pairings by Abby Powell Designs featuring Bon Vivant font and Lucida Grande font.

Like these fonts?

Download Holland font

Download Baskerville font

Download Lora font

Download Proxima Nova font

Download Bangers font

Download Gotham font

Download Futura font

Download Garamond font

Download Bon Vivant Serif font

Download Lucida Grande font

Font pairings for modern, bold, feminine, elegant, and playful by Abby Powell.


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