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Dolly Delong

Dolly DeLong serves clients in Nashville, Tennessee as a brand and family photographer. She also serves clients world-wide as a Systems and Workflow educator and with her podcast, "The Systems & Workflow Magic Podcast". 

Since Dolly is a multi passionate entrepreneur, she wanted her branding to be strategic and coordinate with all of the branches she has under her main brand. We accomplished this by establishing her main branding and giving each branch (photography and education) their own respective additional brand colors.

Dolly's branding is bold and fun but also establishes her as a pro in her field and communicates to her audience that she is trustworthy.

Systems & workflow educator
podcast host

– Dolly D

"Abby was so attentive to all of my questions and walked me through everything!  My favorite part of my new brand is how it just feels so FRESH, NEW, and it feels like ME (like it perfectly merges my education side of my business to the photography side of my business) it finally FITS under one roof!"

I was so scared of this process and you literally held my hand the entire time! 

Trade in the embarrassing website & branding that no longer serves you for visuals that represent you well and a stellar online home for your business.

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Photo credit: Amber Tice